State of Oregon – Seniors & People with Disabilities

411-054-0065 Administrator Qualifications and Requirements
(Effective 11/1/2007)

  1. FULL-TIME ADMINISTRATOR. Each licensed residential care and assisted living facility must employ a full-time administrator. The administrator must be scheduled to be on-site in the facility at least 40 hours per week.
    1. Be at least 21 years of age, and possess a high school diploma or equivalent; and have at least two years professional or management experience that has occurred within the last five years, in a health or social service related field or program, or have a combination of experience and education; or
    2. Possess an accredited Bachelors Degree in a health or social service related field.
    1. Facility administrators must meet the following training requirements prior to employment:
      1. Complete a SPD approved classroom administrator-training program of at least 40 hours; or
      2. Complete a SPD approved administrator-training program that includes both a classroom training of less than 40 hours and a SPD approved 40-hour internship program with a SPD approved administrator; or
      3. Complete another SPD approved administrator-training program.
    2. CONTINUING EDUCATION. Administrators must have 20 hours of documented SPD approved continuing education credits each year. The approved administratortraining program fulfills the 20-hour continuing education requirement for the first year.
    3. Individuals who have met SPD approved training program requirements but have been absent from an administrator position for five years or less, do not have to re-take the administrator training, but must provide evidence of 20 hours of continuing education annually.
    4. Prior to employment as administrator of a facility, individuals must complete the requirements of OAR chapter 410, division 007 (Criminal History Check Rules) and comply with OAR 333-019-0041 (Tuberculosis).
    5. ADMINISTRATOR REFERENCE SUMMARY. Newly hired administrators are responsible for the completion of form SDS 0566, Administrator Reference Summary, and are required to fax the completed form to SPD upon hire. SPD may reject a form that has been falsified or is incomplete.
    6. DESIGNEE. The administrator must appoint a staff member as designee to oversee the operation of the facility in the administrator’s absence. The administrator or a designee must be in charge on site at all times and ensure there are sufficient, qualified staff and that the care, health, and safety needs of the residents are met at all times.