For senior living communities who strive for efficiency while providing quality aging services, Value First is a group purchasing organization (GPO) that provides free, no obligation services for LeadingAge members.  Value First can help reduce operational costs through discounted pricing and rebates on food, medical, office, and environmental products including capital equipment. In collaboration with HPSI, a supply chain partner with a comprehensive vendor portfolio, Value First has contracts with over 500 suppliers that LeadingAge members commonly use: suppliers like Sysco, US Foods, Direct Supply, Sherwin Williams, HD Supply, Grainger, McKesson, First Quality and TENA.

LeadingAge members who participate in the Value First purchasing program pay no annual fee, select only the suppliers that best fit their needs and support LeadingAge with their purchases.  There are no minimum requirements with Value First. You can pick and choose as many or as few of the contracts from the portfolio of over 500 vendors.  Value First is a non-exclusive program - members are not restricted to just Value First.  They can belong to another GPO at the same time.  Unlike any other GPO, Value First is an extension of LeadingAge that specializes in supporting the purchasing needs of LeadingAge members.

Top 5 Reasons your Community Should Participate in the Value First Program!

  1. FOCUS - Value First was built by and for providers of older adult services. Value First grew from a partnership between LeadingAge and a national supply chain.  Value First draws on its experience and knowledge of the needs of senior living communities.
  2. SAVINGS - Most senior living communities do not purchase supplies and services on a scale to negotiate contracts with deep discounts.  Value First has contracts with over 500 vendors proven to provide significant savings on monthly operational costs.
  3. SUPPORT - Value First and LeadingAge are committed to supporting senior living communities.  Value First will always be a knowledgeable and responsive source for vetting the availability and reliability of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE).
  4. TRUST - Value First is owned by LeadingAge and 25 LeadingAge state affiliates with representatives who are part of the LeadingAge staff and care about their member’s mission and values.
  5. INVESTMENT - Revenue generated by Value First from vendors is shared back to LeadingAge to help fund the valuable educational programs and services that support senior living communities.

In addition, Value First provides valuable services that can assist members in other ways:

  • As a LeadingAge member, you can take advantage of a free, no obligation cost analysis of what you’re currently spending on supplies compared to the purchasing power of Value First.
  • LeadingAge members will receive special discounts and promotional offers for select products on a regular basis along with support for compliance with state and federal regulations.
  • Value First can help ensure compliance with vendor contracts by verifying the products and associated prices that have been negotiated are accurately reflected on your order.
  • Employees of member organizations that are enrolled in Value First can receive corporate rates and discounts from nationally known companies used every day.

Working with Value First is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3:

  1. ENROLL - Sign a Value First Participation Agreement – there is no obligation to purchase and no risk to LeadingAge members.
  2. REVIEW - Select your preferred vendor(s), have Value First perform a cost study and complete a letter of participation (LOP) when you decide to purchase.
  3. ORDER - Complete your order and your discounted pricing is automatically applied.

For more information about the Value First Group Purchasing Program visit or contact:

Trish Korsgren
Director of Business Development
[email protected]
(651) 659-1442

Ella Groth
Purchasing Consultant
[email protected]
(253) 444.8900




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LeadingAge members gain access to cost saving purchasing programs
with best-in-class suppliers through Value First and its partnership
with HPSI, an Avendra Group Company.