Dementia Training Application for Approval

In 2017, the Legislature passed HB3359 (now codified as ORS 443.433) that requires all direct care staff within assisted living and residential care facilities to complete pre-service training on specific areas of dementia care and 6 hours annual in-service dementia training. The law also requires that all pre-service and in-service training provided to direct care staff must be approved by a private or non-profit organization that is approved by the Department of Human Services (DHS).

LeadingAge Oregon has been approved by DHS as a designated approving body.

Rules to address this law are found in Oregon Administrative Rule OAR 411-054-0070.
Timelines for completion of training requirements follow:

  • Direct care staff hired after December 31, 2018 must complete the pre-service training prior to providing care.
  • Effective January 1, 2019, each direct care staff must complete 6 hours of annual training on dementia care by the anniversary of their hire date in 2020. 
  • The dementia care training may be included in the required minimum of 12 hours in-service training required for direct care staff within ALFs/RCFs.

Detailed information about the new requirements, including who needs to submit an application to receive approval of their training, trainings that have been pre-approved, as well as FAQs can be found on the DHS website. Pre-approved trainings do NOT need to be submitted for approval. Oregon Care Partners offers a no-cost training package that covers all the required pre-service training topics that has been pre-approved.

Submit an Application

Two applications have been developed to be completed and submitted for approval of dementia training: one for pre-service and one for annual in-service. Obtain the applications below: