Member E-lists

Our E-lists give staff at LeadingAge Oregon member organizations the ability to easily communicate with other members via e-mail.  

Members can subscribe to any E-list through the “E-lists” tab under Member Tools/My Profile/My Features. Please note that you must log in to My Profile using your LeadingAge Oregon user name and password; if you don’t have a user name and password, please contact the LeadingAge Oregon office at 503.684.3788.

E List Instructions and How To's

E-list Etiquette:

When you use an E-list, every person on the E-list will read your message. This free exchange of information and ideas among a wide number of people is one of the most important benefits of joining an E-list. However, it is also important to remember that dozens or hundreds of people will read your reply, so be sure to reply to the E-list only when your message would be of interest to the whole group.

Please keep these guidelines in mind when using the Member E-lists:

  1. Please include your name and organization when posting or replying to an E-list.
  2. Messages sent to an E-list should pertain to that particular listserv
    When you post a message or question to an E-list, it is sent to every member who has signed up for that E-list. Users should not send personal messages, or messages that don’t pertain to the E-list.
  3. Attachments should NOT be sent to E-lists
    If you wish to share materials with an individual or group of members, be sure to get their e-mail addresses and send the attachments directly to them.
  4. When replying to an E-list message, it is important that you direct your reply to the proper person or group of users you intend your response to go to.
    • When you simply reply to an E-list message, the whole list will receive your reply. If the original message required you to reply to the list, or if you wish your comments to be seen by the entire list, then simply use the “reply” button.
    • If you wish to reply to the originator of the message or any other particular individual, make note of the e-mail address of the sender and generate a new message to that user with your comments or reply.
    • We all “goof” once in a while and sometimes we reply to the entire list by accident. When this happens, listmembers should not exacerbate the problem by replying with a public reprimand to the person who posted in error. Listmembers who truly want to help new users reply properly should themselves address those messages privately to the individual who misposted in the first place.
  5. When generating a reply, users should delete the original message, or just leave segments of the original message, which are being specifically replied to.
LeadingAge Oregon E-lists:
      • Activities
      • ALF/RCF
      • Dining Services
      • Directors of Nursing/Nurses
      • Environmental Services
      • Facility Services/Housekeeping
      • Finance
      • Foundation/Fundraising
      • Home Care & Community-based Services
      • Housing
      • Human Resources
      • Information Technology
      • Life Plan Communities (CCRCs)
      • Marketing
      • Medical Records
      • Memory Care
      • Nursing Facilities
      • Resident Services/Social Services
      • Wellness