Kind Dining® is a cost effective, motivating, experiential, on-demand, trainer led, 9-module eLearning training series. It’s designed uniquely to help employees and organizations prosper through optimizing the quality-of-life for older adults and quality-of-work for staff respectively in senior living communities in all levels of care.

Our curriculum is designed to assist companies that don’t have time or resources to create their own training or need a supplement to their current offerings, while keeping within training budgets.

The foundation of Kind Dining is rooted in putting the residents first, raising service standards, and embracing relational service principles to improve the nutritional health and well-being of community diners. We teach principles around communication, teambuilding, and personalizing the dining experience with civility, and our unique brand of hospitality. It is defined as a universal language that treats one another with loving-kindness, acceptance, respect, and dignity.

We have seen effective behavior change with on-going implementation of principles taught. We recommend communities embrace an all-hands-dining or similar approach to dining service.

Our 9-module series delivers consistent training in a flexible format. Each module varies in length depending on the topic, and it takes 8 hours to complete all 9 sessions.  We begin with the Foundation of Service-Modules 1-3, move into the Nuts and Bolts of Service-Modules 4-6, and finish with Polishing Service Modules 7-9.

We are committed to helping you keep your food servers and your newly hired employees, as an educated, invested team.

See the full description of each of the nine modules here.

How much? The price is just $147 for the full 9-module series. 

Who should attend? Our strong suggestion is that 50% of staff who serve meals or pour beverages on a recurring basis, part-time, full time, or on an emergency basis attend at one time. Also to include Marketing staff, Recreation/Activities, Environmental services, Nurses and Nursing teams, Kitchen staff, Executives, Housekeeping, any position that has direct contact with residents or their family members, and New Hires, and as part of the Onboarding process.

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